“Ear training is the process of connecting music theory (notes, intervals, chords, scales, melodies, etc.) with the sounds we hear. In other words, studying ear training is building a bridge between the language of music and the sounds that are designated by that language. The more we train our ear to recognize this connection, the better we get at playing music, because we learn to understand what we play and to anticipate musical structures”. Written by Ear Master The ear is the most impor
“Whether you grew up in a musical family, encouraged to practice endless hours before recitals as I did, or whether you claim the littlest musicality of anyone you know, there are unquestionable benefits to playing musical instruments, especially piano. Furthermore, studies show it is truly never too late to start learning piano – the mental and physical benefits apply to all ages.” Olivia Groves Posted: Feb 21, 2018 “Between soccer and scouts, your school-age kid’s schedule is loa
What are the benefits and importance of my child learning to play the piano or a musical instrument? Why and how do I partake in the learning process? The value and benefits of having your child learning to play the piano or a musical instrument. “Learning the piano is a life-long process, and knowing how to play the piano is a skill that will bring you joy and fulfilment throughout your whole life.” (Piano teachers connect on google.) Dear parents:- if you are thinking about motivating your
How to motivate yourself to learn a musical instrument, and how to motivate your child to learn a musical instrument Motivating yourself THE FIRST step is to choose a musical instrument to learn. Of course, choosing an instrument is not that easy because there are literally thousands of instruments that one can learn to play. In this day and age, the most popular instruments that people take up is the piano and the guitar. I would choose a piano or a guitar. Then you could learn the scales and t
Should my child study classical guitar before moving into electrical guitar? This is one of those multi-faceted questions which doesn’t necessarily have a right and a wrong approach.There is also the theoretical approach which might or might not keep track of realities of life. The first line of inquiry would, in my opinion, be to ask the question of why is he interested in guitar. In other words, what is he aiming for with guitar involvement? If he, for instance, wants to be involved with a b
How to choose a piano or music teacher for your toddler For any parent the choosing of a tutor for their children is rather serious and important for the development of the child and the love of what they are being taught. Here we are talking about music, and specifically the piano. The child needs to be happy and the parent as well. Here are some aspects to take into consideration in your choice as a parent in considering piano tuition (or music tuition) for a toddler: Natural love and ability
The role of the parent and teacher in the child’s early musical training It doesn’t take rocket science to know that the parent and teacher play a role in the child’s life when it comes to musical training. Your child will and can not train themselves in music or an instrument as the adult can. An adult can find resources and read and plan to learn a new instrument, but your child needs support and guidance in musical training. The parent can and will make a huge difference in
My child is suffering from depression. Can music heal him? One immediately thinks of the story of Saul and David and how Saul was relieved of bouts of depression by David playing a harp. But then when you do a bit of scientific research, you are overwhelmed by the amount of documented research that had been done on this subject, on what I would call the listening patient model: A person suffering from depression is treated by a consultant who plays specific music for him or her on an appointed t
When we start the debate of why children should learn to play the piano, it’s important to know that piano is an age-old instrument which has brought a lot of joy to many generations of people. There are very few instruments that can lead instruments, orchestra or bass or band in one. The piano is a truly loved instrument and wherever you go, even in the pub, you will find one. Even if it’s old, broken, or a piano which many played on and enjoyed. One can even find a piano in the mos

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