Teenager playing the guitar

Guitar lessons for teenagers and young adults

Our aim, at The Children’s Music Academy, is to offer the highest guitar instruction available in London and the United Kingdom, while ensuring that teenagers benefit from delightful guitar lessons that will remain in their mind forever.

The adolescence is a sensitive period of our lives during which boys and girls must be approached with finesse and great care. We are pleased to say that our remarkable guitar teachers have considerable experience in working with young adults and know how to teach them in a manner that suits them perfectly.

Our highly experienced and qualified guitar instructors will always teach them in accordance with their current abilities and wishes and ensure that each part of their guitar playing is worked on equally.

By attending their guitar lessons at The Children’s Music Academy, your children will learn how to pick fast and accurately, develop an amazing left hand, produce stunning vibratos, improvise wonderfully, form chords easily and correctly, strum and play in time and finally establish their sound and style.

We genuinely wish their experience to be memorable and guitar playing to enhance thanks to the remarkable support and advice of their guitar instructor immensely!


  • Lessons are booked per terms in advance
  • Lessons take place weekly on a set day and time and can be joined at any time during the year
  • Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration
  • Lessons are provided in West one central London