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Founded by British master pianist Celine Gaurier-Joubert, The Children’s Music Academy is undoubtedly the most quintessential music school for children in London and the United Kingdom. Thanks to her outstanding music expertise and experience in music education, Celine has succeeded to create a remarkable academy where children aged 3 to 18 can be assured to benefit from brilliant music instruction.

Our excellent music lessons that are both educational and enjoyable are provided in the comfort of your residence, where we will be delighted to pass our love of music on to your children. Whether they wish to embrace a music career or whether they prefer playing music for their pleasure, we look forward to helping your children become the excellent musicians they deserve to be!

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The Children’s Music Academy strives to provide excellence in all the aspects of children music instruction. We are devoted to provide your children with a solid music education and help them become the brilliant musicians they deserve to be.

  • Excellent music education – Offering a spotless instruction
  • Inspiring courses – we greatly support our pupils
  • Structured learning – to ensure success

Our fantastic music instructors always adapt to the needs and learning speed of each pupil to provide them with the most suitable instruction to their musical success.


We are driven by excellence in all the aspects of children music education. We believe that the enjoyment experienced while studying music is as essential as benefiting from an excellent instruction. Passing our love for music on to our pupils is our passion and we hope that all our pupils have beautiful memories of their music courses at The Children’s Music Academy.

While selecting the music instructors we work with, we always ensure that they are indeed highly qualified and experienced but that they also possess the teaching skills that would allow them to adapt to the personal needs of each. Having a loving personality and a remarkable sense of psychology is also required to offer the support and encouragement needed during your children music education.

Knowing what the right instruction is for children requires a broad experience possessed by all our music instructors. Some children play music strictly for their pleasure while others are already preparing to embrace a music career. Our exceptional instructors know how to adapt to each and conduct their music lessons in the most suitable manner. In both cases, we always ensure a spotless and solid music education.

Studying music in a lovely and charming environment is essential for your children to develop a love for music and enjoy their education immensely. We believe that it is highly possible to offer the most structured and serious music instruction in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and we always endeavour to ensure that our pupils look forward to attend their next music lesson.



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