Celine Gaurier-Joubert

The Children’s Music Academy’s founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert

“When I first came to London in 2005, I immediately realised that a world-class music academy for children was missing in London. Despite the various music schools available, I did not find a serious music school which offers true excellent musical instruction to the youngest in the comfort of their own residence.

There are, indeed, a few institutions but none of them seems to offer the same level of education as found in the rest of the world. I have such a passion for music education that it immediately came to my mind that a proper music school for children should open its doors in this fantastic city.

Children who reside in London should benefit from the same privilege as those who live in Paris, New-York or Moscow and I, therefore, felt the urge of opening an excellent music academy where children could develop both their technical and musical skills with highly qualified and experienced music instructors.

Learning the correct techniques from a young age is essential for children to able to decide at a later stage whether they wish to remain proficient amateur musicians or embrace a musical career. Until the opening of The Children’s Music Academy in London, children were sadly exposed to an education that would not allow them to make any of these choices in their adulthood.”