Violin Lessons for toddlers, children and young adults

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What a wonderful opportunity it is to give the opportunity to your little ones, aged 3 to 5, to learn how to play the violin as their first instrument!

Encouraged by her father, violinist, our artistic director Celine Gaurier-Joubert, started to play this exquisite instrument at the age of 3 and she is now extremely grateful to have had this privilege.

At The Children’s Music Academy, we warmly invite all the little girls and boys to choose the violin as their first introduction to music playing.

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The violin is certainly a wonderful instrument, which children aged 6 to 12, can benefit a lot from learning how to play it. The violin is the second most popular instrument studied by young children, after the piano, and the future possibility of joining an orchestra certainly makes it extremely attractive.

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Young Adults

At The Children’s Music Academy, we cordially invite all teenagers and young adults who have a passion for violin playing to learn how to play or improve their skills with fantastic violin instructors.

Whether they do not have any prior musical experience or whether they are already proficient violinists, we are delighted to provide them with the highest violin instruction available in London and the United Kingdom.

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