Flute Lessons for toddlers, children and young adults

Toddler playing the recorder


Choosing to play the flute is ideal for toddlers, aged 3 to 5, who would like to start their music education with a woodwind instrument.

As a primary instrument of the orchestra but also the favourite of several classical composers and the cherished one of hundreds of jazz musicians, the flute is certainly an instrument with various possibilities that your little one will surely enjoy playing greatly.

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Child playing the flute


Children love playing the flute. Is it because it is represented by a bird in the tale ‘Peter and the Wolf’ or is it because it is the preferred instrument of Peter Pan?

Whatever your children’s inspiration, we would be delighted to help them develop their flute skills and teach them lovingly and patiently.

By studying the flute at The Children’s Music Academy, your children can be assured to benefit from excellent advice that will inevitably lead them to become the brilliant flautist they wish to be!

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Teenager playing the flute

Young Adults

Both classical and jazz flute playing is extremely popular among teenagers and young adults. Some dream of performing Poulenc Sonata, or Khachaturian Concerto while others are fascinated by Jeremy Steig’s jazz solos.

It is our mission to nourish the passion that your child has for flute playing and we will surely always teach him or her in a manner that suits his or her requirements perfectly.

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