Singing Lessons for toddlers, children and young adults

Toddler singing


Starting a singing education at a very young age can cultivate a lifelong love of music.
At The Children’s Music Academy, we encourage all parents to introduce the art of singing to their young children, from age 3 to 5.

Singing often captivates toddlers, so offering them the gift of music and proper vocal education will surely help them develop their musical abilities and sense of creativity.

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Young children singing


Open to all children aged 5 to 12, our singing lessons are wonderful to enhance your children’s confidence while increasing their feelings of well-being and improving their social skills.

It is well-known that singing makes them feel better in themselves and greatly improve the acquisition of memorisation abilities and fine motor skills.

Thanks to the exceptionally high standard of our singing instruction, your children will learn how to discover their singing voice and sing tunefully, by using their favourite songs to develop their own tone and vocal abilities.

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Teenager singing

Young Adults

Whether they are absolute beginner without any previous musical experience or advanced vocalists, we cordially invite all boys and girls aged 13 to 18 to improve their vocal skills with highly qualified and experienced singing instructors.

Our singing lessons for teenagers are available in various music genres that include rock, pop, jazz, musical theatre, soul, RnB and classical.

At The Children’s Music Academy, we greatly encourage teenagers and young adults to develop their passion in an environment that suits them perfectly!

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