Piano courses

Enrol your child at The Children's Music Academy for exceptional piano lessons, catering to beginners and advancing students alike. Our dedicated, expert teachers specialise in children's piano education, ensuring top-notch instruction. With a commitment to nurturing each student's musical potential, we offer the finest piano learning experience in London and the UK. Choose us for a rich musical journey for your child, where passion and expertise nurture a lifelong love of music.


Drum courses

The Children's Music Academy, London's leading drumming school for ages 3 to 18, is guided by an acclaimed drummer. Our dedicated expert teachers are committed to nurturing both beginners and advanced students, focusing deeply on technique and creative expression. Enroll now to watch your child's drumming talents and passion soar. Experience the profound joy as your child embarks on an enriching musical journey that will surely last a lifetime.


Guitar courses

The Children's Music Academy is the premier destination in London and the UK for children aged 3 to 18 to explore the world of guitar playing. Helmed by a renowned guitarist, our department proudly offers exceptional instruction by highly skilled and experienced teachers. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced player, they'll receive expert guidance in mastering techniques and expressing their artistic vision. Join us and watch your child's musical journey flourish!


Saxophone courses

For those aspiring to enhance their saxophone skills, The Children's Music Academy stands as the ultimate destination. Whether your child's passion lies in classical, jazz, blues, or contemporary styles, we warmly invite them to enroll in our exceptional saxophone courses led by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Providing top-notch saxophone education to your children is our primary goal, ensuring they receive the exceptional guidance and instruction they deserve.


Cello courses

The Children's Music Academy is undoubtedly the finest choice for young cellists aspiring to refine their skills and passion for the instrument. Whether they are drawn to classical, contemporary, or other musical styles, our academy warmly invites them to enroll in exceptional cello courses led by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Providing your children with an exceptional cello education is our utmost priority, ensuring they receive the outstanding guidance and instruction they deserve.


Singing courses

The Children's Music Academy is surely the most extraordinary music school to join if your children are keen to improve their voice and vocal skills. Whether they are interested in classical, rock, pop, soul or jazz singing, we will equally welcome them to attend excellent singing courses provided by highly qualified singing teachers. Providing excellent vocal education for your children is our utmost priority. We ensure they receive the exceptional instruction they deserve.


Violin courses

At The Children's Music Academy, our violin courses are equal to none in London and the United Kingdom. We are pleased to offer the highest violin instruction to all children, whether they are absolute beginners or advanced violinists. We take great pride in working with sensational violin teachers who have been selected for both their expertise and lovely personality. Providing your children with excellent violin education is our passion, always yielding outstanding results!


Flute courses

Attending a flute course at The Children's Music Academy is a rare privilege for children who either want to learn how to play the flute or improve their skills with outstanding flute teachers in London. We believe that all children are fantastic musicians who can surely become brilliant flautists thanks to the support and guidance of expert flute instructors. Providing children with the highest flute instruction available in London and the United Kingdom is our strive and passion.

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