Teenager playing the violin

Violin lessons for teenagers and young adults

At The Children’s Music Academy, we wanted to provide a platform where all teenagers who are passionate about violin playing with a platform where they could develop their love for the instrument and improve their skills with astonish- ing violin instructors.

The violin is an exquisite instrument that we encourage all teenagers to learn or continue playing it, either for their pleasure or to embrace a music career.

As it can either be played solo, in a small group format or orchestras, the violin is undoubtedly an instrument with multiple opportunities which can bring a lot of joy into your children’s life.

It is mainly known as a classical instrument, but we would be pleased to introduce your children to jazz if they have a specific interest in Stephane Grappelli or Didier Lockwood.

Whatever the music genre they are interested in learning, your children will surely benefit from an exceptional violin instruction and enjoy their lessons thoroughly with violin instructors who have ample experience in teaching young adults.

They will always be encouraged and taught all the correct techniques as used by the world’s greatest violinists.


  • Lessons are booked per terms in advance
  • Lessons take place weekly on a set day and time and can be joined at any time during the year
  • Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration
  • Lessons are provided in West one central London