August 7, 2019

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Celine Gaurier-Joubert is the founder and director of The Children's Music Academy, The London Piano Institute and The London Piano Institute. Thanks to her outstanding knowledge and experience, she is a reference in terms of music education for both adults and children.

I would greatly encourage all parents who are thinking of getting their children to start playing the piano to follow up on their idea and enrol their children into a music academy.

Knowing how to play the piano is a fantastic skill to possess and growing up surrounding by music is wonderful gift that you should surely offer your children.

In parallel to attending piano lessons, playing classical music on the radio at home would also inspire your children by showing them that this music style is extraordinarily beautiful and worth being understood.

Getting your children to love the piano and classical music, which is the foundation of all music genres, is essential as it will encourage them to discover more and learn how to play this incredible instrument.

I would suggest the piano lessons to take place in a professional environment, and not at home, for your children to respect their education as well as their piano instructor, who is, at The Children’s Music Academy, an excellent pianist who has spent countless hours with the instrument to be able to offer your children an outstanding piano instruction.

Playing the piano is a beautiful art which would a shame to be treated as a nasty obligation. I have too often seen parents forcing their children to practise without encouraging or supporting them. It is also quite distressing to have met several young pianists who could have continued to play the piano in their adulthood but sadly gave up as they associated it with a boring and unpleasant activity.

Even if parents do not know anything about piano playing themselves, it is essential to encourage children and perhaps even to ask them to show you what they are learning. Being able to master a skill that you do not possess would certainly make them proud and boost their confidence drastically!

Practising the piano on a daily basis should be a moment of pleasure instead of a punishment. It all depends on how it is presented to your children.

I would suggest to acquire a good acoustic piano and not a keyboard, as sitting at the instrument will surely be much more enjoyable. If space allows, positioning the instrument in your child’s bedroom, instead of the living room, would also make it more personal and therefore more attractive.

Taking piano lessons from a lovely piano instructor whom they could cherish is also an important factor as your children could be demotivated if they do not appreciate their piano teacher. For this reason, we always make sure, at The Children’s Music Academy, to select female piano instructors who are extremely skilled in children piano education and who know how to make them develop a love for the instrument.

Our piano lessons are of course of the highest quality in terms of education but we also ensure that tuition is offered in a gentle and kind environment. We would never criticise your children negatively or be severe with them, as we do not believe that it is the way to enhance their love and passion for the instrument.

Your children must make great progress regularly indeed but always enjoy their piano journey despite the difficulties they might encounter along the way. It is proven that learning in a pleasant setting is far more stimulating than a strict environment and we totally adhere to this teaching philosophy.

Throughout my career, I have met an endless amount of adults who regretted not to have started at a young age or stopped after a few years only. As it would be a real shame for your children to be in a similar situation later, encouraging them to start early and not giving up during their teen years, is certainly one of the most beautiful gift you could offer them.

Some children will remain amateur musicians while others will embrace a music career, but in both cases, giving them the opportunity to surround themselves with classical music and the ability to play the piano proficiently, is a wonderful skill that will surely be beneficial and help them in various areas for the rest of their life.

At The Children’s Music Academy, we invite all children, as young as three years old, to start their piano education and enjoy its multiple advantages. We believe that children are never too young to begin their musical journey and that very little ones are able to learn via musical games, if too young to understand the process of learning.

Thanks to the exceptional flexibility of our piano teachers, we can surely adapt to the personality and needs of your children and find the most appropriate method to make their piano education extremely valuable.

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